About Kerry


My name is Kerry and collecting crystals is my absolute passion.

Our home and gardens are filled with beautiful crystals sourced from all around the world. I have been collecting crystals for over 20 years and have an extensive collection available to purchase.

My crystal story begins when my husband and I where holidaying in Port Douglas, Queensland when we happened to wonder into a small shop selling crystals. I spotted a beautiful clear quartz tower and it absolutely grabbed me, I continued to wonder around the store only to keep returning to this piece – I had to have it and I had no idea why!!

I bought that crystal, brought it home, put it on our bookshelf and didn’t look at it again for five odd years.

Then one day as I was dusting that bookshelf and all the nik naks I was once again drawn to that clear quartz, so I picked it up and sat and meditated with it for a short time and felt such a strong connection with it. I wanted to know more about it, where it came from, what healing properties it had and how I could use it to help me in my everyday life.

So I studied all about clear quartz and loved everything about it. Then I wanted more, I’d been bitten by the crystal bug!!

So I completed a Crystal Awakening course teaching me everything about them and learnt how to become an Accredited Crystal Healing Practitioner doing crystal healings and distance healings on people… and I use that very first crystal that started me on my journey!

I also completed a Reiki course and became a Usui Reiki Master in which I incorporate my crystals.

Anything to do with crystals and healing people – I’m in 100%

My collection continues to grow and I’m exceptionally proud of the shop I have. As I run my business from home I can keep my prices low.

My personal belief is that everyone should be able to afford crystals of all shapes and sizes.

I am also very lucky to have made great connections world wide with wholesalers and with mines so I can keep my prices low with the range and quality exceptionally high.

I welcome you to look at my beautiful crystals, I guarantee you’ll find an amazing piece you too will just have to have!

Love and light to you all, enjoy!

– Kerry

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